August 8, 2020

When the summer sets in and temperatures begin to rise, you need your AC unit to be running in top condition. A fully functioning AC system will be able to regulate your indoor temperatures competently. Unfortunately, your cooling system may sometimes suffer a breakdown when you least expect it. Don’t get stressed because Bone Heating & Cooling, will be there to offer quick AC repairs in Festus, MO, and the surrounding areas.

Some malfunctions are quick to detect while others may require you to pay close attention just to notice them. Any changes to your machine’s cooling performance, however slight, may hint at significant AC issues. Watch out for the following signs of AC malfunction and act quickly.

1. Insufficient Airflow

One of the most common signs of AC failure is weakening airflow. You may notice that your unit has little to no airflow. This will affect how well your equipment is able to circulate cool air in your household. If your airflow issue is significant, your home may not cool properly.

Poor airflow usually stems from a problem with the compressor. If you live in a warm climate, your compressor may be under a lot of stress as your AC works day and night. In cases where the fixture has stopped working completely, it is best to replace it altogether. Insufficient airflow could also hint at a problem with the air ducts. These will need to be cleaned in order to eliminate dust and grime.

2. Emitting Warm Air

An AC unit that blows hot air can be one of the most frustrating summer experiences. This issue may also be linked back to a problem with the compressor. A failing compressor may not cool the air properly, so your vents will emit warm air. Another common source of the problem is an insufficient amount of refrigerant. Moreover, duct leaks could also prevent your unit from cooling the air sufficiently. When our team handles your repairs, we make sure that every aspect is considered and inspected thoroughly.

3. Unpleasant Smells

Your AC system is designed to cool your indoor surroundings, not pollute them. If you notice that the AC emits foul odors, there may be some serious underlying problems. A burning smell could indicate that your unit has an electrical issue. This will require a professional and licensed technician to handle it safely and to resolve the problem.

Another issue could be that your unit has accumulated some mold. If your system is not frequently cleaned, the presence of debris could end up contaminating your household. The presence of mold in your home could be hazardous to family members who suffer from respiratory conditions and various allergies.

4. Unusual Sounds

You may be tempted to ignore strange noises that are emanating from your AC. However, unusual sounds usually hint at unit damage. Clicking noises may mean that your AC unit’s fan blades are obstructed either by debris or by improper installation. Gurgling noises mean that it’s time to clean your condensate drain line. Finally, listen closely for any hissing noises. These could indicate that your compressor is suffering from high-pressure buildup.

5. Moisture Leaks

Another thing you may notice is the presence of moisture around the AC unit. This should be addressed urgently since it could point to a serious problem. For instance, refrigerant leaks can be dangerous. Simply adding more refrigerant does not resolve the issue. Let our trained technicians fix the issue. On the other hand, if the problem is caused by a condensate leak, the drain line usually needs clearing.

Professional AC Repair

Sudden AC breakdowns no longer have to leave you feeling stranded no matter when they occur. We offer 24/7 emergency repair services that are geared toward resolving your cooling issue in a timely manner. Count on our team to get the job done correctly in no time. We will repair any AC unit regardless of the make or model. Our technicians are also qualified, trained, and certified. Rest assured that there is no type of AC problem that we cannot repair.

Furthermore, we promise to bring you solutions that will leave you with peace of mind for the long haul. There is no doubt that your indoor comfort is our topmost priority. Please feel free to call our team at Bone Heating & Cooling for more information on how to get your failing equipment running in peak condition. We offer heating and cooling repair, install, and maintenance services!

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