No matter your HVAC model or make, Bone Heating & Cooling can expertly handle your home’s heating in Kimmswick, MO. Since 1978, our family-owned heating and air conditioning business has delivered superior reliability and service.

    When you call our trusted team to maintain or repair your unit, we’ll offer a range of long-lasting and affordable options. You can also count on us to replace your unit or help with a furnace or AC installation during new construction.

    Heating Repairs in Kimmswick

    Even if you hear your system running, that doesn’t mean it’s at its best. Compromised HVAC systems can stay on constantly but may not heat or cool your home very well. This can leave some rooms uncomfortable or create areas with poor air circulation.

    You should regularly check around your internal and external units for puddling liquid, irregular debris, or sharp, unpleasant smells. While you may have no problem identifying a failing HVAC system, it’s much harder to correctly diagnose and fix the issue. Thankfully, when you rely on skilled indoor comfort professionals, you guarantee you’re receiving high-quality, dependable results.

    Premium Air Conditioning Installation

    One of the biggest energy consumers in your home is your HVAC system. That’s why it’s essential to stay up-to-date on your equipment’s care to make sure it’s energy efficient. Once your system reaches about 15 to 20 years old, you should consider upgrading your home comfort with a new, high-efficiency model.

    Modern systems can have annual fuel utilization efficiency ratings of up to 98% or a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio of up to 25, respectively. These systems will pay for themselves over time by keeping your utility costs manageable year after year.

    Preventative, Budget-Friendly HVAC Maintenance

    Many homeowners choose to wait to service their HVAC systems until something goes wrong. Annual HVAC tune-ups are vital to preserving your system’s efficiency, safety, and low costs. Scheduling at least one care appointment per system per year can prolong the equipment’s lifespan, reduce your carbon emissions, and decrease how often you need repairs.

    Here are signs you need preventative maintenance in Kimmswick.
    • Dust buildup on vents/registers
    • Short cycling
    • Uneven heating/cooling
    • High energy bills
    • Poor air quality

    You’re also guaranteed to comply with local building regulations and be able to preserve your warranty. Maintenance appointments include expert cleanings, inspecting, and lubricating.

    We employ experienced NATE-certified technicians and are part of the Home Builders Association of St. Louis & Eastern Missouri. At the end, you’ll also receive a detailed report on future comfort and service recommendations.

    Schedule your heating appointment with Bone Heating & Cooling in Kimmswick today.