When you need quality services for your HVAC in Bloomsdale, MO, Bone Heating & Cooling is the one to call. When it comes to you and your family’s comfort, you don’t want to take any chances. Investing in quality HVAC services will ensure your system is up to the task. Bone Heating & Cooling has been providing top-notch heating and air conditioning services since 1978.

    This means you can count on our commitment to customer satisfaction and quality workmanship. We offer affordable pricing and honest advice. Helping local residents feel comfortable at home is our passion.

    Effective HVAC Repair in Bloomsdale

    If your heating or cooling system isn’t performing the way it should, you need to take it seriously. Paying attention to early warning signs can help you prevent your system from breaking down. Putting off calling a professional gives the problem a chance to worsen. This means you’ll likely spend more on repair and experience a greater inconvenience.

    These are a few common signs you need furnace or AC repair in Bloomsdale:
    • Banging or scraping noises
    • Unit blows out room temperature air
    • Unpleasant odors
    • Unit cycles continuously
    • Unexplained increases in energy bills

    Heat and AC Installation Services

    A new heating and air conditioning system is something many homeowners will need eventually. Many people opt for a replacement system when faced with major repairs for their old unit. However, you may also want an upgrade if you simply need better performance and energy efficiency.

    Modern heat and AC systems offer a variety of features and add value to your home. We make installation a stress-free experience from start to finish. We will help you find the best system for your needs and budget and remove your old system. We also offer financing on approved credit.

    Heating and Cooling Maintenance

    If you want your system to offer superior performance year after year, investing in maintenance is a must. Appliances are subject to wear and tear over time and your HVAC system is no different. During a maintenance check, our technicians can perform an inspection and check for potential issues. Investing in maintenance can actually save you money in the long run in many ways.

    Minor fixes like swapping parts are cheaper than major repairs. This service also lets you enjoy increased energy efficiency and lower energy bills. With continued maintenance, you can expect your furnace or AC to last longer. Prepare for the season ahead by calling for heating maintenance in early fall and AC maintenance in early spring.

    If you’re looking for repair, maintenance, or replacement for your HVAC in Bloomsdale, Bone Heating & Cooling is standing by.