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    Our team of NATE-certified technicians has ample experience caring for furnaces, water heaters, fireplaces, air conditioners, and mini-splits. Count on us to repair, maintain, or install your residential heating and cooling systems. We also offer reliable maintenance agreements and convenient financing on approved credit for major replacements.

    Valley Park HVAC Repair

    Running your HVAC system through a peak season like summer or winter can take a toll on the unit’s safety and efficiency. The more often your furnace or air conditioner has to turn on during the day, the more likely you’ll soon have to call for repairs. Key components like the condenser and evaporator coils, blower motor, pilot light, burners, and more can fail over time due to age and constant use.

    Even if only one part begins to fray or break down, it can cause a domino effect that harms other nearby components. It’s vital to call for repairs as soon as you notice any changes in how your system functions or sounds.

    Noticing the following red flags likely means you require professional repair service soon.
    • Banging, squealing, or grinding noises
    • Musty, rotten egg, or burning odors
    • Increased energy costs
    • Irregularly short or long cycles
    • Frequent circuit breaker tripping

    Professional Heating and Cooling Installation

    Installing a new furnace or air conditioner will give you access to improved energy-efficiency ratings and temperature control. These upgraded systems can also improve the value of your home and reliably protect your family’s comfort for years if not decades.

    Modern HVAC systems can boast advanced features like smart compatibility, premium eco-friendliness, and better indoor air quality control. You’ll also be able to take advantage of your renewed warranty, which will help you cover eligible defects and unexpected repairs.

    Furnace and Air Conditioning Maintenance

    Heating and cooling maintenance is an annual requirement to keep your systems in the best condition possible. A preventative tune-up allows a professional to examine and clean every major part of your system.

    They’ll search for any preliminary signs of damage and replace components when they first show signs of failing. This will protect you from having to deal with costly repairs. Maintenance is one of the most effective ways to prolong the lifespans of your indoor comfort systems, maximizing your investment and savings.

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