July 14, 2020
Thermostat in Festus, MO
Updated On: 10/18/2023

In the summer and winter, a thermostat is your best friend. However, there are many settings that can be confusing at times. If you select the wrong setting, you won’t be pumping the correct type of air around your home. For 2020 and beyond, let us take a very close look at some recommended thermostat settings for your home.

78 degrees Fahrenheit

To start things off, 78 degrees Fahrenheit is a very standard thermostat setting. This is the recommended setting for the summer when the outside temperature is very hot. At first glance, this might seem on the warmer side. However, you have to remember that this is a general-use climate. When you are trying to cool down, by all means, make it cooler. However, if you are going to have the heating or cooling system and thermostat on for hours during the day, 78 degrees is right about where you want it.

It’s the perfect balance of comfort and cost-efficiency. Experts from around the world have agreed that this setting makes the most sense for the majority of homeowners. As always, make small changes as you see fit. Your family might conclude that 77 degrees or 79 degrees is the most pleasant. As you discover your preferred settings, program them on the thermostat for easy access. That way, you won’t have to fiddle with the dial every time.

68 degrees Fahrenheit

Next, 68 degrees Fahrenheit is the standard setting for the winter. When the outside temperature is freezing, you need to warm things up indoors. However, there are still some options to choose from.

You could make it on the colder side and wear a thick jacket. You could warm it up to a balmy 78 degrees as in the summer. In the middle, 68 degrees has been deemed ideal by a number of indoor climate experts.

This is a cool temperature that won’t require multiple layers of clothing. At the same time, you’re saving money by not making your furnace work overly hard. It’s also highly recommended because it is a universal setting in a sense. If you live in a cold city, most buildings and apartments are set to 68 degrees in the wintertime. You’ll be able to satisfy the expectations of guests and visitors as they arrive at your residence.

Fan Settings

Many thermostats come with settings to adjust the fan. In general, homeowners tend to underuse the fan. It’s easy to get caught up in raw temperature numbers and adjusting these in small increments. When you feel the slightest bit of discomfort, you might be tempted to turn the dial immediately. However, adjusting the fan can be an even better option.

The temperature might be perfectly good, but the ventilation is simply not strong enough. If you haven’t played with the settings on your fan, give it a try. You’ll be surprised by just how much control you have over the climate of your home. In particular, the fan is great for humid days. This is an overlooked setting that really deserves more attention for its versatility.

Cool Sleeping Settings

Last but not least, cooler settings are recommended when you are trying to fall asleep. Our bodies are naturally conditioned to respond well to cooler temperatures. As you lie in bed, your brain needs to lower its internal temperature before it can reach a restful state. Although it’s definitely possible to sleep when it’s scorching hot, this process takes much longer to attain.

Before you head to bed, turn down the thermostat by a couple of degrees. Keep in mind that you don’t have to go overboard because temperatures naturally drop in the evening. By the time early morning arrives, the outside temperature will drop, and your interior spaces will be cool as well. You’ll be sound asleep in the best sleeping environment possible.

Turn to the Experts

When you need help with thermostat settings or anything else related to home comfort, you can turn to the experts at Bone Heating & Cooling in Festus, MO. Our team can provide you with a new thermostat, including programmable and smart thermostats.

Some of our other offerings include heating system repair, air conditioning maintenance, and ductless mini-splits. We also offer fireplace and new construction services as well as indoor air quality assessments and trusted solutions. Do not hesitate to contact us online or give us a call today to learn all the ways we can help you with your indoor climate comfort needs.

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