May 11, 2020

The hot and humid summers in Festus, MO, mean that you need a reliable cooling system for indoor comfort. Any disruption in the air conditioning system’s functioning can quickly impact the temperature and humidity in your home. If you discover that your air conditioning system won’t turn on, here are some things you can do before calling for an emergency repair.

Verify the Air Conditioner Is Turned on

Air conditioners have a power switch. If you recently cleaned your home, moved items around, or had guests in your home, it is possible that the air conditioner’s power switch was flipped to the off position. Make sure the air conditioner is turned on. The switch is usually located near the outdoor unit.

Look for Debris

While you are near the outdoor unit, check for debris. A dead animal, an overgrown shrub, or tree branch may have gotten into the air conditioner’s housing. Dirt or debris may impede the movement of the fan. If the fan cannot turn, the air conditioner will not power on. If you see debris in the air conditioner, call a technician to come and remove it.

Check Your Thermostat

If the thermostat has a blank screen, it may need a new battery. Thermostats may go bad, and one that will not respond after changing the battery may need to be replaced. It is possible that the temperature settings on your thermostat were changed. This could happen if the system was shut down for maintenance. A recent power outage or brown-out could also cause the thermostat to reset. If you have a smart thermostat, an issue with your router or change of your Wi-Fi password may cause the thermostat to lose its settings. Verify the temperature, and make sure the thermostat is set to cool.

Inspect the Air Filter

If there is no issue with the thermostat, the next thing to check is the air filter. A dirty air filter prevents the cooled, dehumidified air from reaching your ducts and blowing through your home’s air vents. If the air filter is dirty or has not been changed in at least three months, remove it and replace it with a new one. If your air conditioner is due for maintenance, the technicians can do this for you.

Investigate the Circuit Breaker

If your thermostat has power and is correctly programmed and the air filter is clean, check your circuit breaker. It it is possible that the circuit that delivers power to your air conditioner has tripped. This could happen after a recent lightning storm, power surge, or power outage. Air conditioners are usually on their own circuit. If the circuit is tripped, reset it. If it immediately trips again, you need to call for repairs. If you have noticed other electrical problems in your home, you may have an electrical issue rather than an air conditioning problem.

Look in the Air Conditioner Drain Pan and Pipe

If everything else is in order, the next place to check is the air conditioner’s drain pan. The drain pan is where the condensed humidity from your home’s air collects as water. A cracked or blocked drain pan could trigger the air conditioning system to shut down. If you see a big puddle of water, the drain pan could have a crack or blockage. Also, check the condensate drain. This is a PVC pipe leading to a drain in your home. A crack or blockage in the pipe could cause your air conditioner to stop cycling. A cracked drain pan or pipe requires professional replacement.

Call for Repairs

There are many other reasons why your air conditioning system will not turn on. A blown fuse, refrigerant leak or dirty evaporator coils may have triggered the system to automatically shut down. If you heard unusual sounds before the air conditioner stopped working, it could have a blown motor. A faulty connection between the thermostat and air conditioning system could also be the cause. When you cannot solve the problem, it is best to call reliable technicians for professional repairs.

Our experienced technicians can inspect your air conditioning system and find out why it won’t turn on. You can rely on our licensed technicians for AC repairs, AC installation, and AC maintenance of heating and cooling systems. We also service fireplaces, provide indoor air quality services, and offer annual maintenance plans. Call us at Bone Heating & Cooling to learn more about air conditioning problems in your Festus home.

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