February 14, 2023
Fireplace Installed in Home in Festus, MO

A fireplace adds value and warmth to your home. It adds ambiance and allows you to feel cozy on cold winter nights. When problems arise, a fireplace turns a relaxing night into chaos. It can also be harmful to your health and spark a house fire. Here are 12 signs that it’s time to schedule an appointment with the fireplace experts at Bone Heating & Cooling in Festus, MO.

1. Poor Burning

Does your fireplace produce small flames or burn for only a few minutes? This is a sign of poor airflow. Poor airflow is typically caused by buildup inside the chimney. When you start a fire, it warms the air inside the chimney. This warm air is then pulled up the chimney along with smoke and soot. As a result, it pulls in air from your home. This process provides the oxygen that the fire needs to burn. It’s important to note that poor airflow also traps carbon monoxide around the fire.

2. Oily Substance Around Fireplace

If you notice an oily substance on the grate or inside the firebox, it’s time to schedule a service. The oily substance can be a result of creosote and soot. This buildup reduces airflow, and as mentioned before, this increases the risk of a chimney fire or high carbon monoxide levels.

3. Smoke in Your Home

If you notice that smoke comes into your room rather than traveling up the chimney, your fireplace needs to be serviced by one of our technicians. The chimney shaft may be blocked or dirty, or there may be a problem with the flue. As a part of our fireplace services, we clean the chimney shaft to remove buildup and debris and inspect for any potential problems.

4. Odors

Creosote is a byproduct of burning wood in your fireplace. A buildup of creosote in your chimney shaft creates an unpleasant odor and is linked to several health issues. Special solvents need to be used to remove the creosote, and the process should only be performed by expert technicians like we have at Bone Heating & Cooling.

5. Pests and Animals

If you notice signs of pest or animal infiltration, your fireplace needs to be serviced. We will locate the point of entry, clean the firebox and chimney, and recommend ways to prevent pests and small animals from getting into your fireplace.

6. Gas Fireplace Won’t Stay On

Gas fireplaces rely on several components to work. If your gas fireplace doesn’t stay on, it may be the burner, generator, switches, or other parts. Call us to schedule an appointment, and our expert technician will make the necessary repairs.

7. Gas Fireplace Won’t Light

A gas fireplace relies on a pilot light to ignite the burner. When the pilot light doesn’t stay lit, it could be a problem with the gas supply or burner. It could also be caused by damaged valves, or the burner may be dirty. Our technician will determine the issue and safely performs the necessary repairs.

8. Cracks and Mortar Joint Damage

Cracks and damaged mortar are typically signs of water damage. Although the problem may seem purely cosmetic, it affects how your fireplace operates. Moisture also damages your home’s walls and ceiling, and the water leak’s source needs to be repaired sooner rather than later.

9. Shaling

Chimneys are lined with materials to protect against overheating and fires. The lining deteriorates with age, and you may notice small pieces of tile or other material in your firebox. We recommend you stop using your fireplace if you see debris around the grate. Repairing a chimney shaft should be left to the experts at Bone Heating & Cooling in Festus, MO.

10. Stains

Are the bricks around your fireplace turning white? While this may give it an attractive aesthetic, it is a sign of water damage. Minerals in the water remove salt from the bricks and mortar. Over time, the bricks break down, and the structure of the fireplace can become unstable. The damage may also affect airflow in the firebox. Your fires may be small, or you may notice smoke filtering through the bricks.

Bone Heating & Cooling specializes in fireplace maintenance and repairs. We also offer a full range of services for your heating and air conditioning systems and for water heaters. Call us today to schedule an appointment with one of our technicians.

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