October 19, 2022
Fireplace Installed in Home in Festus, MO
Updated On: 10/18/2023

Although modern heating systems tend to be quite efficient, there’s still something to be said about the allure of using an open flame to heat your home. Although a wood-burning fireplace has a certain rustic charm, a gas fireplace can provide similar heating capabilities without any of the work. To truly understand whether or not a gas fireplace makes sense for your home in Festus, MO, check out this guide from our team at Bone Heating & Cooling discussing some of the benefits of gas fireplaces.

A Great Zoned Heating Option

If you tend to spend time in one main room of your home, a gas fireplace is an excellent way to provide localized heating. A gas fireplace can quickly and reliably heat a fairly large room, significantly reducing your need to run your furnace. Since a zoned central HVAC system can be expensive to install, a gas fireplace allows you to achieve similar results at a fraction of the cost. You can also install fireplaces in multiple rooms in your home and turn the fireplaces off and on as you change rooms, providing a true zoned system to keep you warm this winter.

Inexpensive Operation

Although a gas fireplace puts out a lot of heat, it uses a relatively small amount of chemical energy to create that warmth. In many locales, the estimated cost is less than a dollar to run a gas fireplace for four hours. As long as you use your fireplace as the primary heating source in the room where it’s installed, you can see significant energy savings over the course of a typical Festus winter. Plus, if you ever need to replace your gas fireplace, most models are significantly less expensive than a new furnace.

A Safer Alternative

When you’re only trying to heat a single room in your home, you have several options available. Installed correctly, though, a gas fireplace is among the safest of these. Space heaters, while providing localized heating, can cause the electrical wires in your home to overheat, resulting in an electrical fire. Wood-burning fireplaces make a great option, but they come with the risk of chimney fires caused by a buildup of creosote. As a permanently installed heating option that doesn’t release many byproducts, a gas fireplace is a safe and effective way to heat your home.

Increase in Your Home’s Value

The cold winters in Missouri mean that many homebuyers are looking for fireplaces as they shop for new homes. Thus, if you install a gas fireplace, you will likely increase the value of your home in the process. Since gas fireplaces are safe and easy to use, they have more widespread appeal than their wood-burning counterparts. Even if a buyer, for whatever reason, decides they don’t want a fireplace in their home, a gas fireplace is far easier to remove than a wood-burning fireplace. This easy adaptability makes a gas fireplace a much better investment than other unique features like a swimming pool or a garage conversion.

A Dramatic Design Statement

If you’re looking to take a room in your home from bland to breathtaking, a gas fireplace is a great way to do that. A gas fireplace and its mantel can become the focal point of any room, allowing you to completely change the look of your home while making minimal changes other than the fireplace itself. In the summer, when you aren’t using your fireplace, you can add visually appealing touches to the mantel that remind you of the natural beauty that surrounds you. Then, in the winter, your fireplace can become your family’s favorite hangout spot as you create lasting memories in the glow of the flames.

Safe and Professional Fireplace Installations

Safety is of the utmost importance when installing a gas fireplace. At Bone Heating & Cooling, we take safety seriously, meaning you can have confidence that your new gas fireplace will be able to provide years of safe operation. This same commitment to safety applies when we undertake HVAC services such as the installation, repair, or maintenance of heating, cooling, or indoor air quality equipment. You can also rely on us for ductwork cleaning or repair and sheet metal fabrication. We’ve been serving this area for over 40 years, helping countless customers improve the comfort of their homes along the way. Our experience and integrity are two big reasons why we’re rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau and consistently receive five-star customer reviews. To learn more about the benefits of gas fireplaces in Festus, contact us at Bone Heating & Cooling today.

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